Tips for Studying the Bible: 6-10

6. Decide on a Bible plan. It can be as simple as starting with the Old Testament or one of the Gospels. You can also focus on a particular topic such as identity in Christ.

7. Read the full chapter to create context for the focused scripture. For example, if your Bible plan instructs you to read Matthew 7:12, read all of chapter seven after you read the specified scripture to create context and dive more into the meaning of the scripture. Read the chosen passage several times. Understand the context by considering who wrote it, to whom it was written, and the purpose of the writing.

8. Take notes and journal. Write down your insights, questions, and prayers. This can be helpful for tracking your spiritual growth and recalling insights later.

9. Use the SOAP method to study scripture. SOAP was originated by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro.
Scripture– What Bible scriptures are you studying?
Observation– What stands out to you and why?
Application– What life lessons can you implement?
Prayer– Ask God for wisdom and discernment as you study.

10. Discuss your study with others. Share your findings and thoughts with others. This can be in a Bible study group, with a friend, or in a mentorship setting.


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